Terms & Conditions

You must read these terms & conditions carefully before using our system.

By using this website you agree to follow all of our conditions. If you do not agree with these terms, you can not use this website. Our system is simply, clear and secured to used by everyone who wants to earn money or for those who wants to grow traffic for their websites. When you short a link or you are currently viewing a link on this website you agree that the Site includes advertisments which is important for us to pay other users that shorts links here.

General rules for Publishers:
  1. Do not advertise shortened links on any traffic exchange or PTC websites.
  2. Do not try to send fake traffic to your shortened links.
  3. Do not use any kind of program that automatically click on your links.
  4. Do not require to other people for clicking on your shortened links. They should click when they wants.
  5. Do not offer any profit for people that clicks to your links.
  6. Do not place shortened links on any website containing viruses, worms, abuse, violating people or animals, softwares that may cause damage to our system or our visitors.
  7. Do not spam any website with shortened links.
  8. Do not open your shortened links using an iframe or popups/popunder.
  9. Do not create a redirect loop with shortened links.
  10. Do not place viruses, spyware, trojan viruse or any similar after shortened links.
  11. Do not create multiple accounts.
If any of the above condition is not complete we reserve th right to terminate your accounts immediately without any warning. You can not receive your payment and you can not create another account to our website anymore.

General rules for Advertisers:
The following are not allowed for all users on advertisment platform.
  1. Popups / Popunders, Frame breaking scripts, Cookie stuffing or any other form that automatically redirect user when visiting links.
  2. Malware, spyware, exploits, viruses or any malicious code that cause damage to users or our system.
  3. Autoplaying sounds or videos
  4. Anything related to illegal products or services

* Note: We are not resposibiles if users that clicks on your campaign does not take any action.

If any of the above condition is not complete we reserve the right to decline any advertisement to our platform with a full refund.

All terms & conditions becomes valid when users sign up to this site. We reserve the right to modify any of these terms at any time without notice. To stay updated with the latest terms & conditions users should visit this page periodically.