(Frequently asked questions)

Getting Started
is a url shortener system that pays users for every clicks they get on their shrinked links.
You can earn extra money just by sharing those links on internet and bring visitors to clicks your links.
To start earning, first you must create an account here. After you have created your personal account short your links using our system, share them on internet and watch your earnings grown fast.
There is no limit on your earnings as long as your account is verified and it is not breaking any of terms & conditions agreement.
You can check our publisher rates here for all countries.
CPM or 'Cost Per Mile' shows how much you can earn for 1000 unique clicks ex. if you get 1000 unique clicks from United States and your earnings are $10 the CPM rate for this country is 10.
The 'unique click' is refer to one visitor ip evaluated once throughout 24 hours.
When you refer one person to our website from your referral link you earn 20% of their earnings for lifetime.
Mass shortener is a tool that allows you to short directly up to 20 links by placing one link per row.
If you want to earn money directly from your website just place our script in your html body text and all your links will be replaced automatically with shortened links.
With our api tools you can short links easly without being logged in.
You can get your money via paypal, payoner or bitcoin when your accounts balance reach minimum $5.
The payment procedure can take up to 30 days because we need to check your links activity and to ensure that you are not spaming in our system.
We can pay you in every country in the world.